Music: Sun Oct 15

Sunday morning’s special guest musicians are The Biryani Boys, Mustafa Bhagat and David Freeman. Their mission is to preserve and promote the Indian classical music tradition and to provide safe passage into the contemporary landscape. They will provide an introduction to this musical style during our Music for All Ages. You can follow their work and find their videos at https://thebiryaniboys.bandcamp.com/. Read on for programming details.

Music for All Ages: The Biryani Boys—Mustafa Bhagat, Sitar; David Freeman, Tabla
Indian Music Lecture/Demo: Hamsadhwani (Alap)

Opening music:
 Hamsadhwani (Vilambit Gat)

Hamsadhwani (Thumri Gat)

Hamsadhwani (Drut Gat)

Hamsadhwani (Original Composition)

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