Religious Education: April 16, 2021

Religious Education & Faith Development
Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains
April 16, 2021
2020-2021 Religious Education (RE) theme: JUSTICE & EQUITY
Supporting our young people in understanding justice issues, articulating their values, and engaging in faith in action with CUUC Social Justice teams. Also, supporting youth in developing healthy self-esteem and relationships. 
Tracy is off this weekend. 
She will begin responding to weekend e-mails on Tuesday.  
Youth Group at CUUC

7th-12th Grade Youth
TOMORROW Saturday, April 17, 1:00pm

RSVP to Cyndi and Daniel, cdtil08@gmail.com so they can be in touch if needed. Bring a favorite game and a lawn chair, and wear walking shoes.  
With warmer weather, we are able to plan some outdoor gatherings that follow pandemic protocols.  It’s still a little cool to meet outside in the evening so this month, youth group is moving to Saturday afternoon.  Cyndi and Daniel look forward to meeting *in person* with youth at CUUC this Saturday.  And, we are inviting Croton UU youth to join us!  Youth Group will be outside and follow pandemic protocols.  There are eight geocaching sites to be found on our grounds and games to be played!  Bring a favorite game and a lawn chair.  Meet in the lower parking lot behind the parsonage.  Construction on the bathrooms is underway so we'll leave the upper lot to the workers. 
ATTN K-4th Class Families

Children’s Environmental Stewardship Activity and Home Materials.  Families can opt in or out of the earthworm activity that includes home delivery of soil and earthworms! 

Sunday, April 25th the K-4th grade class will be led by CUUC Environmental Practices member, Janet Bear, with Norm Handelman.  Janet will talk with the children about why Unitarian Universalists care about the environment and climate justice, explain our new food recycling program, share a story, and explore with the children what they can do to help our planet. 

Then, May 16th, Norm is leading a class and activity about earthworms and food recycling.  We will be preparing home activity kits for the children, including soil and earthworms!  Norm has kindly offered to deliver the kits to each home.  Active families who prefer not to have earthworms at home can opt out of the activity by e-mailing Tracy (cuucwptracy@gmail.com).  Families who haven’t been able to attend online but would like to join this activity and receive a home kit, please e-mail Tracy (cuucwptracy@gmail.com).  
Sunday, April 18

Worship 10:00am  

~ Rev. Meredith Garmon, “Breathe"

The 2020-21 UUA Common Read – Imani Perry's Breathe – has some important and hopeful things to say to us.
The UUA has chosen Breathe: A Letter to My Sons by Imani Perry as the 2020-2021 Common Read. Emotionally raw and deeply reflective, Perry’s book offers a broad meditation on race, gender, and the meaning of a life well lived, as well as an unforgettable lesson in Black resistance and resilience. We invite the congregation to read Breathe and join us for group discussions coming soon. Copies are available through inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop and other sellersThe e-book and audio book are available  on Bookshop.org and Audible.
After worship, join Virtual Coffee Hour 
Meeting: 336 956 2210 · Passcode: 468468

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Phone in (audio only): 646-876-9923 · Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468
Classes Do Not Meet This Sunday

We look forward to seeing you in class next Sunday, April 25th.  The full RE schedule is available here, including class dates and topics. Visit the Adult RE Parent/Caregiver class resource document with materials for adults who are supporting youth in developing healthy self-esteem and relationships.

Connecting in Community
Children's Play Time at CUUC

Saturday, April 24 and May 15, 11:30-1:30
With warmer weather, we can plan small, outdoor gatherings that follow pandemic protocols.  Diane invites families with young children for play time on the CUUC playground.  Bring a picnic lunch.  RSVP to Diane, dakmv@aol.com so she can be in touch if plans change due to weather.

Coming Up...

Attn Children and Youth! The children’s class has been exploring the 8th Principle.  They took time to understand it and highlight the parts that felt especially important, then wrote the children’s version of the Principle we will use:

Build the Beloved Community, free of all racism and oppression.
Then, they set out to update the 7 Principles Song to an 8 Principles Song.  They chose three tunes, sorted out wording and timing, and now would like to record them! ALL children and youth are invited to participate in the video.  Soon, we will send instructions for recording yourself singing along with Laura Sehdeva’s samples and submitting your videos.  The person who has been editing the  beautiful choir videos will make a children and youth choir video with your recordings!  Stay tuned for instructions...
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Religious Education 

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Young Adults

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  • NEW! UUA Common Read, Breathe: A Letter to My Sons
  • NEW! From the Environmental Practices Group: Food Scrap Recycling Starter Kits Plus Home Composter & Rain Barrel Sale - Order by Tuesday April 20th
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Minister's Post, Fri Apr 16

This Week's Prayer

Dear Power of Love,

Through thy grace, we are made worthy. Our hearts have sometimes poured forth thy love, and sometimes brought us into wholeness and magnificence. We have also sometimes slid into reactivity: petty greed or hatred.

Let us be grateful for the glory of this great green Earth, for the breath that fills our lungs, over and over.
Let us be grateful for the agreements being negotiated between the United States, Japan, South Korea and Canada to bolster their carbon emission reduction targets in anticipation of Earth Day next week.
Let us be grateful for the large and small ways that we recognize our lives and wellbeing are mutually tethered to one another.

Let our hearts and hopes be with indigenous islanders from Torres Strait, Australia bringing a case to the UN Human Rights Committee as they seek to protect their homes from rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding in recent years as a result of climate change.
Let our hearts and hopes be with the Syrian refugees in Denmark as it becomes the first EU country to deprive them of their asylum status, even as Syria remains shattered.
Let our hearts and hopes be with the people of Afghanistan as the United States withdraws its military.
Let our hearts and hopes be with the people of Iran as their political leadership has decided to boost its uranium enrichment to 60 percent, its highest level ever.

We acknowledge that our souls are weary with the news of the death of Daunte Wright in Minnesota. Another Black life cut too short at the hands of a police officer.
Our grief hangs heavy learning of a militant attack of a humanitarian hub in Borno State, Nigeria.
Our hearts break for the families of the 20 children who died in a school fire in Niger.

Let us be grateful for the Covid vaccine, for the millions more who get their shot every day, yet our spirits groan beneath the continuing burden of the pandemic – “a long way from over,” says the World Health Organization.
Let our gratitude, and our hearts and hopes be with all those working tirelessly and overtime to research and administer, vaccines – and care for the sick.
Let our hearts and hopes be with the people of India and Brazil, where the pandemic particularly rages.

Dear Power of Love, let our hearts and hopes guide us to wherever life is broken, abused, and oppressed – that we may come into thy light by shining it where it is most needed. We ask of ourselves the mindful intention to delight in what is good, to confront what is cruel, to heal what is broken.


ICYMI ("In Case You Missed It")

Here's the Apr 11 service, "Attain the Good You Will Not Attain"

Covid Watch

The 7DMA (7-Day Moving Average) of new cases per day has been increasing since Feb 20. In less than 8 weeks, new cases per day doubled from 361,347 on Feb 20 to 723,839 on Apr 14. The 7DMA of new cases per day was at its highest peak on Jan 11: 746,036 -- only a little higher than what we have gotten back up to.

The 7DMA of deaths per day, worldwide, peaked on Jan 26, and fell steadily until Mar 12 -- a decline of 42 percent over 45 days. After Mar 12, however, deaths began increasing. The 7DMA of deaths per day on Apr 14 was up 39 percent over Mar 12.

United States.
In the US, the 7DMA of new cases per day by mid-March was less than one-fourth of the Jan 11 peak. For the last month, new cases have been close to flat -- slightly increasing.

Deaths, however, are inching downward. The 7DMA of Covid deaths per day on Apr 14 is 747 -- the lowest since Oct 17. That represents a 4 percent decline from a week ago (Apr 7), and a 79 percent decline from the Jan 26 peak.

So be careful!

Practice of the Week

We'll be having an eco-spiritual practice this week: Investigate: How Much Is Enough?