Music: Sun Nov 5

Sure, you know plucked string instruments like guitars and banjos, but….have you ever heard the charango or a cuatro venezolano?

You’re familiar with percussion instruments like timpani, bass drums, snares, and cymbals, but….could you identify a bombo or a cajon?
You love wind instruments like flutes, oboes and clarinets, but how keen are you on zamponas, toyos, quenachos, quenas, mosenos, trompes and palahuitos?                   

If you want to hear these fascinating instruments connected to indigenous Latin-American music in the hands of the master musicians of Camanchaca, CUUC is the place for you this Sunday morning! Read on for programming details.

Centering Music: Camanchaca
Claudia Leyton, Ciudad Santiago de Chile
Leonardo Vera, Ciudad Santiago de Chile
Patricio Macaya, Ciudad  Guilpue, Chile                                                                     
Juan Araya , Ciudad Quilpue,  Chile
Boris Morocho, Ciudad Cuenca,  Ecuador

Incursión; Volver a los 17;,  Run Run;, Gracias a la vida
Opening Music:                                                                               
La vikina 


Señora Chichera

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