Minister's Post, Fri Dec 4

My dear companions on our faith path,

These are our times.

The most recent 7-day average of deaths in the US from Covid-19 is over 1,800 a day.

The peak 7-day average last April was just over 2,200 deaths a day.

The 238-day average (Apr 11 to Dec 4) is 1,100 people dead every day from Covid-19. It's been relentless -- for the last 8 months we haven't had a single week (any 7-day period) when we didn't lose more than 500 people a day. And weekly deaths are now threatening to exceed last April's peak.

"If you have tears," says Shakespeare's Marc Antony, "prepare to shed them now."

I do. And have shed some again this morning.


Practice of the Week

This week's suggested practice is sponsored by CUUC's Environmental Practices Social Justice Team. On the first week of the month, we are highlighting an ecospiritual practice. These practices are oriented toward developing our spirituality through our connection with our planet home and our responsibility to care for it. For December: "MEETING THE SOUL'S NEEDS"

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