Minister's Post, Fri Dec 18

My dear companions on our faith path,

These are our times.

The graphs of Covid-19 new cases and of deaths are still going up, though not as steeply -- for both the US and the world.

In the US, we're now seeing over 220,000 new Covid cases every day, and almost 2,600 deaths a day.

Worldwide: Over 638,000 new Covid cases every day, and over 11,000 deaths a day. (all daily figures are the most recent 7-day average).

In all, worldwide, this pandemic has taken about 1.7 million lives.

And it's the Christmas season -- the anniversary of the time when, according to legend, love became flesh and dwelt among us. It's a season for remembering that we have the capacity, in each moment of the day, to embody love in everything we do. Every act of kindness is the incarnation. Be aware.
Be careful.
Keep loving.


Practice of the Week

This week's Practice of the Week is part of our fall series of "Might be your thing" practices.
This week, read about how WALKING AS A SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE can be, for some folks, the primary spiritual practice.

Remember, almost any activity can become a spiritual practice if:
1. you establish a foundation of spiritual orientation through the three core daily practices – spiritual reading, journaling, and quiet time;
2. you engage the activity with mindfulness;
3. you engage in the activity with intention of thereby cultivating spiritual qualities; and
4. you occasionally engage the activity with a group that gathers expressly to do the activity in a way that cultivates spirituality, with group members sharing spiritual reflections before, during, or after doing the activity together.

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