Minister's Post, Fri Dec 11

My dear companions on our faith path,

These are our times.

16 million people in the US have contracted the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Of these 16 million, 40% are currently "active cases," over 58% have recovered, and 1.87% have died.

There was a peak in deaths in mid-April at just over 2,200 deaths a day (7-day average). This week, the new peak broke the record. Over 2,400 Americans a day, on average, died from Covid-19 this week.

An average of 1,144 people every day have died in the US from Covid-19 since April 1. That's a stretch of 252 days.

Humans have endured famines and plagues for centuries -- many of them much worse that our current one.

Be aware.
Be careful.
Keep loving.

Practice of the Week

This week's Practice of the Week is part of our fall series of "Might be your thing" practices. This week, read about how, for some of us, PRACTICING PIANO is their primary spiritual practice.
Remember, almost any activity can become a spiritual practice if:
1. you establish a foundation of spiritual orientation through the three core daily practices – spiritual reading, journaling, and quiet time;
2. you engage the activity with mindfulness;
3. you engage in the activity with intention of thereby cultivating spiritual qualities; and
4. you occasionally engage the activity with a group that gathers expressly to do the activity in a way that cultivates spirituality, with group members sharing spiritual reflections before, during, or after doing the activity together.

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