RE News: Sun Oct 28

Last Sunday I was pleased to lead the children's worship for K-5 in Fellowship Hall. The children gathered around the chalice and one child was selected to lead the chalice lighting opening words, and another assisted me in lighting the candle. Excitement over Halloween was tangible as all the children gathered around in a circle and chose a partner to discuss what they liked the best about the holiday. After a minute or so they shared their thoughts with each other. Costumes and parties were a huge hit, but the hands-down winner was candy, candy, candy! We extinguished the chalice with all of us reading together the closing words and blowing out the flame as a group. The children immediately gathered around the piano to work with Lyra, learning the words of the song being prepared for Thanksgiving. We want to thank Mary Kingsley, mother of Arturo Cruz Avellan, who was kind enough to bring in a cake for Arturo’s birthday. He was very excited to share it with his friends in class 8-9. So we continue to move forward with many RE events scheduled in weeks to come. The teachers remain motivated as well as the students. CUUC religious education is nothing short of impressive!
Michele Rinaldi
Religious Education Coordinator

RE This Sunday, Oct 28
Grades K-7 K-5 start in Fellowship Hall for children’s worship and music with Lyra. Grades 6-12 start in classes. Halloween costume parade in the sanctuary at 11:10.

2018-19 Curriculum: Pre-K - Chalice Children; K-1st - A Discovery Year; 2nd-3rd - Affirmation Year; 4th-5th - Toolbox of Faith; 6th-7th - Riddle & Mystery; 8th-9th - Our Whole Lives; 10th-12th - Youth Group

To view a spreadsheet version of the RE Calendar, CLICK HERE.

Halloween Costume Parade & Fun, Sun Oct 28 - Wear your costume to CUUC!
At 11:10 all classes join the Halloween parade into the sanctuary. Then Youth Group will lead the children to the Halloween Monster Mash fun area in the red pod after the service. Kids will enjoy face painting, Halloween tattoos, pumpkin painting, "Dare to Guess" boxes, and more!

CUUC Auction "Under the Sea," Sat Nov 3, Doors open at 5:30pm, Tickets $45 - Kid's Auction included!
No need to worry about the cost of a babysitter... it's included with your auction tickets! While adults are enjoying their evening Under the Sea, children will be in the RE wing enjoying pizza dinner and their own Kids' Auction The "millions" will be flying as the bidding escalates - Do you spend it all now on the rainbow slinky or hold out for the colored pencils? RSVP by Wed Oct 31. CUUCRE@gmail.com.

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