RE News: Sun Oct 21

Our second Faith Development Friday, facilitated by Perry and Barbara Montrose and Rev. Garmon, segued into a busy Sunday, October 14 . The day’s agenda began with a productive RE Council meeting. The council members reviewed September RE activities, discussed plans for Social Justice Sundays and Veterans Day, organized OWL classes, and assigned tasks for Thanksgiving Sunday. Future efforts will include updating registration data and providing outreach to families. Perry was here presenting the Wonder Box Story during the service. It was an original, delightful story using colored crayons to better understand diversity. I had the opportunity to be part of classroom activities, and was especially impressed by the wonderful “mirror” exercise done by Laura Goodspeed and Lex Suvanto with K-1 students. What I observed in 8-9 grade OWL was intriguing, especially the responses the students gave to very probing questions. The weather was so pleasant that the 2-3 class went outdoors to enjoy the yard and sang together “This Little Light of Mine.” Truly, our RE students, Perry, and teachers are collectively the light of CUUC!

Michele Rinaldi
Religious Education Coordinator

RE This Sunday, Oct 21
Grades K-7 K-5 start in Fellowship Hall for children’s worship and music with Lyra. Grades 6-12 start in classes

2018-19 Curriculum: Pre-K - Chalice Children; K-1st - A Discovery Year; 2nd-3rd - Affirmation Year; 4th-5th - Toolbox of Faith; 6th-7th - Riddle & Mystery; 8th-9th - Our Whole Lives; 10th-12th - Youth Group

To view a spreadsheet version of the RE Calendar, CLICK HERE.

Halloween Costume Parade & Fun, Sun Oct 28 - Wear your costume to CUUC!
At 11:10 all classes will join the Halloween parade into the sanctuary. Then Youth Group will lead the children to the Halloween fun area in the red pod after the service.

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