RE News: Sun Oct 14

Last week’s Spiritual Practice Sunday was a beautiful exercise in fostering respect and admiration for our environment, respect for ourselves, and nurturing of spirit. Our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to Bice Wilson, Martin Alberti, and Lyra Harada for presenting a wonderful morning for the children. There were at least 26 students in attendance, including two children who hadn’t been here before. They began by sitting on the floor with Bice, who fully commanded and fascinated them with his storytelling. He has gift of drawing the children in and enveloping them in the moment. He then led the group outdoors to experience “hidden” places like our hiking trails and the pond, which he beautifully embellished with factual stories and songs. Back inside, the children were given a presentation on Buddha and the path to Nirvana by Lyra Harada. The last exercise was conducted by Martin who gathered the students in a tight circle for meditation. He showed them how to assume the lotus position and then instructed them to look at the lit candle, take a deep breath, then close their eyes and remember the image of the candle for a minute or two. The students were so focused and quiet that, as the saying goes, you could hear a pin drop. The activities really seemed to touch a chord with the children. It was remarkable how attentive and respectful they were throughout, yet also engaged and enthusiastic. Thanks also go out to Christine Haran and Laura Goodspeed, our RE Council co-chairs, for facilitating the day and attending as well. We look forward to classes resuming on Oct 14 and having Perry with us to present the Wonder Box story during services.                     
Michele Rinaldi, RE Coordinator

RE This Sunday, Oct 14
Grades K-7 start in the sanctuary for a Wonder Box story. Grades 8-12 start in classes.

2018-19 Curriculum: Pre-K - Chalice Children; K-1st - A Discovery Year; 2nd-3rd - Affirmation Year; 4th-5th - Toolbox of Faith; 6th-7th - Riddle & Mystery; 8th-9th - Our Whole Lives; 10th-12th - Youth Group
To view a spreadsheet version of the RE Calendar, CLICK HERE.
Faith Development Friday, Fri Oct 12, CUUC
We meet in room 41 for this month's evening of learning, spiritual growth, and community. RSVP to CUUCEvents@gmail.com. 6:15pm Pizza & Salad Community Dinner, 7:00pm Programs, including:

"Faith Like a River" Adult RE - Session facilitated by Rev. Meredith. The class explores the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage. If you can't attend in person, you can join online via Zoom videoconferencing at https://zoom.us/j/2898507899.
Family Journey Groups - Parents discuss the theme of faith, facilitated by Barbara Montrose, while children have their own group, facilitated by Perry Montrose, Director of Faith Development. Adults without children are welcome to participate in the parent group.
Youth Group Social Night - High school youth gather for a night of fun. Bring a friend!

Adults may also just share dinner and then stay to chat and be together, without specific programming. We welcome all to stay for coffee and conversation after the programs.

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