From the Minister, Fri Sep 7

Journey Groups!

Through Journey Groups we help each other become the people we most want to be, create formative space, embody our theology of connection, explore worship themes, walk with (not through) questions of life significance, slowly learn the substance of Unitarian Universalism, and develop spiritual friendship.

There are some changes to the line-up of available Journey Groups this year.

Here's what we have:

(Unless "at CUUC" or "Parsonage" is indicated, groups meet at members' homes. If you sign up for that group, you'll receive info on the specific address.)

  • On the 3rd Sunday of each month, after the service (or after the brunch, if there is one): 3 groups. Facilitators: Tony Arrien, and Gary Freiberger. At CUUC.
  • 2nd Thu, 7:30pm. Facilitators: Perry Montrose, Debbie Manetta, Kevin McGahren-Clemens. at Parsonage.
  • 2nd Fri, 11:00am. Facilitator: Rev. Meredith Garmon. at Parsonage.
  • 2nd Fri, 6:30pm. Facilitator: Barbara Montrose. at CUUC.
  • 3rd Thu, 7:30pm. Facilitator: Mary Van Hoomissen. Tarrytown.
  • 4th Thu, 10:00am. Facilitator: Terri Kung. White Plains.
  • 4th Sun, 2:30pm. Facilitator: Rev. LoraKim Joyner. at Parsonage.
  • 4th Sun, 5:00pm. Facilitator: Karen Leahy. Mt. Vernon.
Don't see your group? Several groups from previous years are not continuing. One option: Sign up for a different group -- one of those listed above. Another option: Become a facilitator yourself, take over the time slot of your previous group, and invite previous group members to join you.

Even if your group is continuing, and you want to stay in it, please sign up again! It just takes a couple clicks HERE.

Our theme for September is "Letting Go." Find the September issue of "On the Journey" HERE.

Journey on, dear ones!

Yours in faith,

The Liberal Pulpit / New this week:
  • Good Women, Bad Women. Coverage of Meghan McCain's eulogy for her father -- and of Meghan McCain's political positions generally -- led to this reflection on how choice of conjunction ("but" instead of "and") reveals how abortion ideology works.
  • Dear SBNR. An open letter to "Spiritual But Not Religious" people, on the nature of congregational life.
Index of past sermons: HERE. Index of other reflections: HERE. Videos of sermons are on the Liberal Pulpit Youtube Channel: HERE
Practice of the Week: The Right to Life (Ecospiritual Practice) / The chipmunks, maple trees, and barred owls in the forest, and the forest ecosystem overall, have rights – not more rights than humans, but rights that obligate us to be cautious, take no more than we need to live, and approach the forests with reverence and humility. The right to simply exist is not exclusively a human birthright. READ MORE.
Your Moment of Zen: Zazen Alone / Mallard spoke up first at an evening meeting and said, "When I'm traveling, I find it difficult to do zazen without support from the community. As often as not, I end up not doing it." Raven said, "Sit with the stones." READ MORE
Zen at CUUC: Sat Sep 8

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