From the Minister, Fri Sep 21

Kudos and much gratitude to Mary Cavallero, Jeff Tomlinson, and Pam Cucinell who, with me, constitute the SJCC -- Social Justice Coordinating Committee. (The name always reminds me of the historically significant SNCC -- the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee that did so much in the '60s to advance justice.)

Mary, in particular, has done yeoman's work in keeping the SJCC, our SJTs (Social Justice Teams) and, indeed, our congregation's social justice effort organized. The SJT Fair we had after the service last Sunday (Sun Sep 16) was wonderful, and I'm thankful to all SJTs for the heart and time they put into their displays. Way to go, teams!

If I had only seven words to say what Unitarian Universalism is all about, they would be these: Nurture your spirit; help heal our world. But I must take some additional words to emphasize that these are not two things, but one: nurture your spirit BY helping to heal our world -- and help heal our world BY nurturing your spirit, healing yourself, growing in wisdom and compassion. This was clearly on display at every table last Sunday at the SJT Fair!

Our Social Justice Teams are organized on a model of concentric circles: the center circle is the chair or two co-chairs of each team. The second circle is the 5-member "leadership core" of the team. The third circle is all the active members. Fourth is the "on-call" members. Fifth is the entire congregation, which may be called upon for certain specific big projects any SJT might initiate.

Love, my friends! And justice -- for justice is what love looks like in public,

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