Journey Groups

An essential part of our congregational life here at Community UU is our Journey Groups. Each month, 10 months a year, our Journey Groups meet to delve into the theme of the month.

The Monthly Issue of "On The Journey"

Each issue of On the Journey provides materials to look at before your Journey Group meets. Below are links to the current and all past issues of On the Journey.

2023 Mar: Nature
2023 Feb: Cultivating Ourselves
2023 Jan: Soul
2022 Dec: God
2022 Nov: Compassion
2022 Oct: Praying
2022 Sep: Listening

2022 Jun: Beauty
2022 May: Borders/Boundaries
2022 Apr: Liberation
2022 Mar: Humility
2022 Feb: Desire
2022 Jan: Renewal
2021 Dec: Blessing
2021 Nov: Wholeness -- RE Supplement
2021 Oct: Wonder
2021 Sep: Curiosity

2021 Jun: Justice
2021 May: Healing
2021 Apr: Trust
2021 Mar: Integrity
2021 Feb: Belonging
2021 Jan: Intention
2020 Dec: Abundance
2020 Nov: Hope
2020 Oct: Resilience
2020 Sep: Journeying & Wandering

2020 Jun: Vision
2020 May: Joy
2020 Apr: Care
2020 Mar: Redemption
2020 Feb: God
2020 Jan: Authority
2019 Dec: Grace
2019 Nov: Compassion
2019 Oct: Awe
2019 Sep: Covenant

2019 Jun: Borders/Boundaries
2019 May: Beauty
2019 Apr: Renewal
2019 Mar: Humility
2019 Feb: Desire
2019 Jan: Simplicity
2018 Dec: Curiosity
2018 Nov: Hospitality
2018 Oct: The American Experiment
2018 Sep: Letting Go

2018 Jun: Justice
2018 May: Truth
2018 Apr: Faith
2018 Mar: Wandering
2018 Feb: Love (Supplement
2018 Jan: Resilience (Supplement)
2017 Dec: Embodiment
2017 Nov: Mindfulness 
2017 Oct: Death
2017 Sep: Forgiveness

2017 Jun: Freedom
2017 May: Joy
2017 Apr: Compassion
2017 Mar: Mercy
2017 Feb: Grace
2017 Jan: Mystery
2016 Dec: God
2016 Nov: Evil
2016 Oct: Awe
2016 Sep: Covenant

2016 Jun: Simplicity
2016 May: Blessing
2016 Apr: Creation
2016 Mar: Liberation
2016 Feb: Desire
2016 Jan: Resistance
2015 Dec: Letting Go
2015 Nov: Hospitality
2015 Oct: Wonder
2015 Sep: Renewal

2015 Jun: Presence/Mindfulness
2015 May: Transcendence
2015 Apr: Transformation
2015 Mar: Brokenness
2015 Feb: Love
2015 Jan: Justice
2014 Dec: Hope
2014 Nov: Forgiveness
2014 Oct: Death
2014 Sep: Faith

About Journey Groups:

A listing of the available Journey Groups, with instructions on how to sign up: CLICK HERE.

"Journey Groups: How They Work." The Nuts and Bolts of how Journey Groups happen.

"The Value of Journey Groups." Through Journey Groups we help each other become the people we most want to be, create formative space, embody our theology of connection, explore worship themes, walk with (not through) questions of life significance, slowly learn the substance of Unitarian Universalism, and develop spiritual friendship.

"Theme-Based Ministry." Lists the past and upcoming themes and explains the function and purpose of our theme-based ministry.

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