From the MInister, Fri Sep 14

I voted on Thursday, which I always find a moving and spiritual experience. We don't vote to "make a difference," but to be a part of something larger than ourselves. (See my post HERE.)

As not uncommonly happens, I voted for some candidates who lost. In fact, it was my eighth Presidential election before, for the first time, I voted for the candidate who won.

A friend of mine sent a text: "I love siding with losers."

I get this. For most of my young adulthood I took a certain perverse comfort in the thought that whatever craziness our elected officials might do, it couldn't be blamed on me.

But somewhere in there, I grew up. I texted back, "I'd rather the candidates I voted for won. I'm ready to take that responsiblity."

My friend then asked, "How will you take it?"

"I'm ready to be in a relationship of accountability with my fellow citizens," I answered, "and accept the flaws of the candidates for whom I voted as my very own flaws -- offer stalwart defense fo what is defensible and humble apology for what is not -- hold it as my solemn duty to join, and not retreat from, the conversation of democracy. Openness to new learning and to revision of my judgment is essential -- there will always be much I don't know and a duty to keep learning more -- but I believe the world also calls us to act with the best judgment we have at any given time, to manifest a firm, albeit respectful, righteousness."

May it be so. Yours in faith,

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