Children and Youth Class Auction Baskets

Calling All CUC Children and Youth!

 We Need Your Help for the CUC Auction.


Each RE class will put together a THEMED BASKET of GREAT STUFF to be auctioned off at this year’s CUC Community Auction. Every child in the RE program can help by bringing in one or two new items to donate to their joint class basket. Pick something listed below, or better yet, BE CREATIVE!  

Please bring in your items by November 2 and look for the collection basket by the RE front door.  THANKS for helping to make this year’s auction a success!! 

Please MARK all items with your child’s class/grade.

Nursery/ Pre-K/ K/ First GradeGames for Le Petite Prince / Princess
Add your favorite game to this basket that appeals to the whole family.  Board games, mind games, car games.  This game basket will be Oh-la-la! 

Second/ Third/ Fourth GradeCafé au lait
Café au lait and a little sweet, such a part of French life.  Add your favorite coffee, espresso, gift card to Starbucks, or non-perishable cookie or sweet to this basket, which will celebrate the French sidewalk café. 

Fifth/ Sixth GradeFrench Market Basket (of gift cards)
The French know how to shop.  Add a gift card to this French Market Basket for books, fashion, home goods, music, coffee, gas or even French bread.

Seventh/ Eighth / Ninth Grade (COA)  – La Maison du Chocolat
Truffles and bon bons, hot chocolate and cookies, macarons and drinking chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.  Add your favorite kind of chocolate to this tempting basket. 

Youth GroupFrench films (or films shot in France)
From film noir to New Waves, add your favorite DVD of a French film or a film shot in France to entertain all ages. (Ideas include Midnight in Paris, Paris (2008), La Belle e la Bete, Day for Night, Paris -- Je T'aime, Jean de Florette, La Grande Illusion, Breathless, Sabrina, Chocolat, Rugrats in Paris, Anastasia, The Aristocats, A Monster in Paris, Ratatouille and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Bevin Maguire (bevinMM@gmail.com) or
Craig Hunt (stourleyK@hotmail.com)

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