CUC Bird Walk Report: Sun Sep 28

In these early days of Fall we gathered on Sun Sep 28 to welcome these golden orange days of leave turning. As we walked around the grounds, we could see the thinning of the tree cover, making the light of the sky reflect invitingly off our smiling faces as we observed the birds and other animals. Though it was our lowest species count yet, we did add new species to our bird walk list, including a mockingbird, fish crows, a garter snake, and a red squirrel.

Our birding was a time not just a of observation, but also of reflection and meditation. Being in the middle of the Jewish High Holy Days, we thought on the themes of repentance and atonement. In the world of nature we may see approach this as thinking of that which separates us from one another and the reality of existence, and that which keeps us from a sense of assured belonging and joyous welcoming to others on this earth. Being in the beauty of the birds, we practice ways to affirm our wholeness, which leads us into compassionate action towards the many others.

Below is a list some of the many others we saw this day.

Next bird walk is Sun Oct 26, 8:30am at the Parsonage. Our theme will be following the theme of the month, death. Come join us.

Rev. LoraKim Joyner
CUC Community Ministry

4 Mourning Dove
3 European Starling
2 House Sparrow
1 Hermit Thrush
3 Robin
3 Carolina Chickadee
4 Blue Jay
11 Canada geese
2 Red-breasted nuthatch
1 Mockingbird
2 Fish crow
1 Cardinal
1 Gartner snake
3 Grey squirrels
1 Red squirrel
4 Chipmunks

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