From the Minister, Fri Nov 23

As the Honduran migrant caravan, now identified as “The Exodus” (El Éxodo), makes its way toward the US, I wanted to let your know what our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is doing. UUSC:
  • is part of an interfaith coalition in regular communication with people accompanying migration
  • encourages your support for asylum-seekers on their journey through Mexico and arrival at the U.S. border, and for local welcoming organizations in El Paso, TX.
  • is helping arrange for volunteers at the Annunciation House in El Paso, for UUs able to volunteer for at least one week on site.
  • is helping arrange for UU clergy (those with some Spanish) to meet a need for clergy accompaniment of El Exodo through parts of Mexico.
Learn more!

Tell Congress to Protect TPS Holders: HERE
Love Resists: HERE
Consider taking the online course, "Changing Systems, Changing OUrselves": HERE
Read the UUSC report, "The Struggle for Human Rights and Transformation in Honduras: A Faith Delegation's Observations: HERE

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Practice of the Week: Feel Safer /Slogan to Live By.
Consider whether you deserve to feel safer: whether you are more braced against life, more guarded, more cautious, more anxious, more frozen, more appeasing, more rigid, or more prickly than you truly need to be. If the answer is yes, there are some ways to help yourself feel safer, so that a growing internal sense of calm and confidence will increasingly match the true reality of the people and settings around you.READ MORE.

Your Moment of Zen: The Middle Way /If I tell you that your question is a good one, don't you see that it is now answered?

One evening Woodpecker asked, "What is the Middle Way?"
Raven said, "Good question."
Woodpecker said, "You're dodging my question."
Raven said, "You're dodging my answer."
"The Middle Way" refers to (a) harmonizing opposites such as the particular and the universal, relative and absolute; (b) the Eightfold Path

The good question, at home with an apt mind,
Brings forth offerings,
Yet is not put to rest.
Lives on and repeats, repeats.

The apt mind, at home with a good question,
Stays the course between destructions
of one side or the other.
To fix an answer breaks the question.
Case by Robert Aitken, adapted; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon
Raven 78

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