Religious Education News: Sun Nov 11

Happy late fall everyone as we approach the close of autumn and move toward winter. Last Sunday was another great day in RE. Liz Suvanto and I led Children's Worship in Fellowship Hall with grades K-3. Liz did an interesting twist on our monthly theme of hospitality by showing the children how to greet one another in other languages. An interactive exercise followed with children pairing off and demonstrating hospitality by way of a hug or handshake or even a bow. Then they introduced themselves to someone other than their partner and shared their greeting. Right after, Lyra was ready to rehearse the hymn “We’re Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table,” which we will all be singing at the multigenerational Thanksgiving service on Sun Nov 18. Lyra also spent time in class with grades 2-3 and had them join in singing “Yankee Doodle.” Grades 4-5 and 6-7 and their teachers did a terrific job cleaning up the triangle gardens in the RE wing. In honor of Election Day and voting, grades 2-3 made their own posters encouraging people to vote and at the end of services marched with them through the sanctuary extolling the wish for everyone to vote. It was by all standards a lively, animated Sunday!

Michele Rinaldi,
Religious Education Coordinator

Looking at what’s coming up…

RE This Sun Nov 11: All ages will be in Fellowship Hall for RE Veterans Day activities.
Service, Welcome, and Care - Our Veterans' Day Weekend RE program will focus on service, especially how we welcome people into our congregation and care for them. Children and youth will engage with the Welcome Committee to learn about their service and give input into what else we might do to be a welcoming place for everyone. Help us reimagine the RE foyer and also send cards to those we haven't seen in a while.

Faith Development Friday, Fri Nov 9, Fireside Area, 6:15 PM Pizza and Salad Community Dinner, 7:00 PM Programs, 8:30 Coffee and Chat
An evening of spiritual growth, learning and community. Programs include: “Faith Like A River” Adult RE (You may also join the program online via ZOOM video-conferencing: zoom.us/j/2898507899); Family Journey Group where parents discuss the monthly theme while children have related activities; Social Time for Adults where people may just chat and be together (this week in room 41) after the meal. Everyone may stay for coffee and conversation after the programs. RSVP by 4:00 PM Fri Nov 9 to CUUCEvents@gmail.com.

Music at CUUC presents “Robert and Clara: A Domestic Drama,” All–Schumann Piano Recital featuring Adam Kent, Sun Nov 11, 12:00 noon, Sanctuary
A family-friendly concert including appearances by CUUC’s Kim Force and Craig Hunt. Childcare available with advance reservation to concert@cucwp.org. Tickets at cucwp.org/concert-series.

RE Next Sunday: Sun Nov 18 - All ages in the sanctuary for our multigenerational Thanksgiving worship.

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