Music: Sun Nov 25

This Sunday’s musical selections might well be subtitled “Music for Meditation”. Through hypnotically steady rhythms, persistent intervals, and reliance on non-Western modal and pentatonic melodic formulae, all the works performed have the potential to free the mind of conventional constraints. Read on for programming details.

Centering Music: Adam Kent, piano
     Bell-Ringing, Op. 54, No. 6
                                    Edvard Grieg

    Mouvements perpétuels
               I. Assez modéré
               II. Très modéré
               III. Alerte
                                    Francis Poulenc

Opening Music:
    Secreto from Impresiones íntimas
                                    Federico Mompou

    From Préludes, Book II
                La puerta del vino
                                    Claude Debussy

    From Préludes, Book II

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