Three Community Ministers Now Affiliated with CUUC

Rev. Deb Morra is a Community Minister whose affiliation with CUUC goes back the longest. Community Minister Rev. LoraKim Joyner has been affiliated with CUUC since 2013. And this year we welcome Community Minister Rev. Stevie Carmody into affiliation with CUUC.

What is a Community Minister?

The traditions of Unitarian and Universalist ministry have included centuries of prophetic ministerial service beyond the walls of congregations. In 1991, Community Ministry was formally recognized as a specialization within Unitarian Universalist ministerial fellowship.

Community Ministers serve the cause of Unitarian Universalism in many ways: as chaplains in hospitals, prisons, or the military; as counselors with a spiritual or pastoral orientation; as leaders of community service nonprofit organizations; as spiritual directors or teachers; or other forms of Ministry outside a congregational setting. Informed by the Unitarian Universalist tradition and theology, UU Community Ministers serve peace, justice, compassionate relations, and spiritual growth and depth. Rev. Deb Morra’s ministry is counseling. Rev. LoraKim Joyner’s is organizing Central and South American villages for conserving their parrot populations. Rev. Stevie Carmody works for our Unitarian Universalist Association, where he is the the Emerging Adult Ministry Associate and is responsible for development of denominational programs for youth and young adults.

Unitarian Universalism informs, grounds, and constitutes the primary religious identification for many spiritual leaders who are providing healing and transformative service in our world. CUUC celebrates these ministries as vital parts of the liberal religious movement to which CUUC is dedicated. Our support and recognition of the Community Ministers who affiliate with us facilitate the important work they are doing out in the world.

What Does Affiliation Entail?

Community Ministers work outside of congregations and are not paid by a congregation. However, being a Unitarian Universalist means being a part of a Unitarian Universalist congregation. So a Community Minister who identifies as a UU Community Minister needs a tie to a congregation. This affiliation generally involves some volunteer ministerial service from the minister and, from the congregation, supportive encouragement and interest in the UU ministry they do in the world.

Meet Our Newest Affliliated Community Minister: Rev. Stevie Carmody

Stevie (he/him/his) is a UU minister committed to fostering community, exploring the sacred, and making justice in youth and young adult communities. Originally from Arlington, MA, Stevie left his Catholic upbringing in middle school, and joined his local UU congregation on his own—drawn to our faith's commitment to young people and our emphasis on values-based action. There he first heard a call to ministry.

Stevie believes relationship roots us in the work of transformation together. He seeks to be an accountable partner, a joyful collaborator, and a soulful listener. He brings experience in youth ministry in Arlington and General Assembly, and experience to young adult ministry at Rowe Camp & Conference Center, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego (with a campus ministry at University of California San Diego [UCSD]), and with the UUA's Meaning Makers program.

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