Music: Sun Dec 4


Musical expressions of faith beyond theology are featured in this morning’s solo piano music.

Unitarian composer Edvard Grieg once wrote, “
Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted... to build dwellings for people in which they might feel happy and at home.”


Johann Sebastian Bach’s Lutheran faith ran so deep that, even when he was writing the sort of secular music included this morning, he always headed his manuscripts with the initials S.D.G.---“solo Deo gloria” (To the glory of God alone).


Robert Schumann found prophetic wisdom in avian form in his “Prophet Bird” from his suite Forest Scenes.


The popular African-American Spiritual “Deep River” finds heaven and salvation in the universal “campground” on the far side of the Jordan River.

CUUC’s Choir is on hand as well with a preview of Antonio Vivaldi’s joyous Gloria as well as a popular African song.


Read on for programming details and stay tuned for spoken introductions.


Gathering Music: Adam Kent, piano

Prelude and Fugue in E Major, W.T.C. I

                        J. S. Bach

Little Bird, Op. 43, No. 4

Woodland Peace, Op. 71, No. 4

                        Edvard Grieg


Anthem: CUUC Choir directed by Lisa N. Meyer and accompanied by Georgianna Pappas

Gloria in Excelsis Deo from Gloria

                        Antonio Vivaldi



Deep River

                        Traditional Spiritual, arr. by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


“The Prophet Bird” from Forest Scenes, Op. 82

                        Robert Schumann


Choral Interlude:

Tue tue

                        Popular African


Gigue from Partita No. 1 in B-flat Major, BWV 825

                        J. S. Bach

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