Music: Sun Jan 23


An apostrophe to a majestic old pine, visions of dancing snow flakes, poems to the sea---this morning 's musical selections speak to the human capacity to anthropomorphize in the quest for beauty and meaning. Read on for programming details, and stay tuned for spoken introductions.

Opening Music: CUUC Choir directed by Lisa N. Meyer and accompanied by Georgianna Pappas

"Set Me as a Seal" from A New Creation

                                                Rene Clausen


Meditation: Adam Kent, piano
"To an Old White Pine"* from New England Idyls, Op. 62

                                                Edward MacDowell

*A giant of an ancient race

He stands, a stubborn sentinel

O'er swaying, gentle forest trees

That whisper at his feet.


"The Snow Is Dancing" from Children's Corner

                                                Claude Debussy


"At Sea" from Poems of the Sea*

                                                Ernst Bloch

*In cabin’d ships, at sea,
The boundless blue on every side expanding,
With whistling winds and music of the waves—the large imperious waves—In such,
Or some lone bark, buoy’d on the dense marine,
Where, joyous, full of faith, spreading white sails,
She cleaves the ether, mid the sparkle and the foam of day, or under many a star at night,
By sailors young and old, haply will I, a reminiscence of the land, be read,
In full rapport at last.

Walt Whitman


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