Music: Sun Jan 10


This morning’s musical selections draw attention to the work of composers who benefitted society in their lifetimes and beyond. Whether they elevated the status of indigenous peoples in their music, extended educational opportunities to disenfranchised minorities, or raised funds for charitable causes, these composers’ music brought not only aesthetic pleasure to listeners, but also served greater moral goods. Read on for programming details, and stay tuned for live introductions during worship.


Centering Music: Adam Kent, piano

“Carillon” from The Christmas Tree

                        Frenz Liszt

Opening Music:

Suite, Op. 14

I. Allegretto

Béla Bartók


Musical Meditation:

“His Song” from In the Bottoms

R. Nathaniel Dett


Interlude I:

Humoresque in Eb Minor, Op. 101. No. 1

Antonín Dvorak


Interlude II:

Humoresque in Gb Major Op. 101, No. 7

Antonín Dvorak



Parting Music:

Keyboard Suite No. 8 in G Major


                        Georg Frideric Handel



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