Minister's Post, Fri Jan 1

Dear Ones and Fellow Unitarian Universalists,

If we follow Pope Gregory XIII -- and his way of demarcating an increment in the number of the year is as good as any, and has the great advantage of being the most widely observed -- then . . . it's a new year! 2021 is here! LoraKim and I stayed up to ring in the new year -- when it came to Brazil, that is. (We were watching on "Rio de Janeiro Cam." There were modest fireworks.) Which is to say, we made until 10:00pm.

Happy new year, my friends! "We stick together, we can see it through" (as our choir sings -- words of Randy Newman, "You've Got a Friend in Me"). I share with you this new year's blessing from Pamela Gayle White:
Yes, the Arctic is warming, the seas are rising, and our voracious species continues to blithely destroy everything of value that stands in its path. But a powerful light can illuminate a cave that had always been dark, and there are beacons of pure goodness whose luster can sustain us and give us the strength to carry on. They are teachers and friends, the vehement activist and the quiet good neighbor, tree planters and animal rescuers, Mexican mayors and Chinese journalists. They are “Nous sommes Charlie” and an African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston that refuses to hate.

May myriad beacons of goodness overpower the dark shadows, and may their resplendence inspire us to acknowledge and make good use of this precious human life. May we remember to light the way for others while there’s still time. Shine on!
Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Not on your life!

Practice of the Week

For the winter, we'll be highlighting some SLOGANS TO LIVE BY. But for the first Sunday of the Month, we deviate to offer an ECOSPIRITUAL Practice, sponsored by CUUC's Environmental Pracitces Social Justice Team.

This week's practice: "Widening Our Circle." See the post for some things to think about and some practices to try.

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