Music: Sun Nov 17

Music by LGBTQ composers is featured this morning, although none of the composers enjoyed a sense of belonging to such a defined community. Each of them suffered from some sense of alienation or depression, in spite of their abundant creative gifts.

As a young man, Poulenc fell in love with the painter Richard Chanlaire, although he remained conflicted about his sexuality, and endured familial disapproval and estrangement from his Roman Catholic faith. In his 31 years, Franz Schubert created a veritable avalanche of great music. His almost exclusively male circle of close friends—some of whom were known to have been gay—and his penchant for setting poetry with homoerotic overtones, have led many musicologists to conjecture about the composer’s own sexual identity. The great Russian composer Tchaikovsky, represented this morning by one of this charming series of pieces for each month of the year, was purported to have been driven to suicide over the threatened exposure of his sexuality. While his official biography alludes to his death in a cholera epidemic, the deeply homophobic culture in which he operated makes the aforementioned rumors credible.  

ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE: We are thrilled to welcome back to CUUC the composer Kara Allen, who will offer a special musical interlude as part of our worship service!

Read on for programming details.

Centering Music: Adam Kent, piano
Suite franรงaise
            Bransle de Bourgogne
            Petite marche militaire
            Bransle de Champagne
                                                Francis Poulenc

Opening Music:
Moment Musical in F Minor, Op. 94, No. 3
                                                Franz Schubert

Troika Ride (November), Op. 37, No. 11
                                    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Musical Interlude:
Music of Remembrance
                                                                        Kara Allen

Postlude: Bennett Rink, piano
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
                                                Harold Arlen

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