From the Minister, Fri Jun 15

Dr. Seuss's "Oh, The Places You'll Go" is especially popular during this time of graduations and send-offs. To the jaunty journey that he describes, I add these lines:
Doctor Seuss laid it out – the good doc got it right.
You will soar through bright days – and you’ll struggle dark nights.
What he failed to mention, no, he said not a word,
is you’re NOT on your own. That would be too absurd.
Life is for friendship, community, love:
The people, the beings, that you most think of.
He said you’d be lonely – that’s probably true.
You’ll feel heartsick, despairing, and anxious, and blue.
These feelings you’ll have tell you something that matters:
That friends make you whole when your heart is in tatters.
Oh, the places you’ll go, you won’t go alone.
(I’m not talking ‘bout Facebook, or swiping right on your phone)
The companions you’ll find, and the love that awaits you --
That's the besty-best part of where this life takes you.
Success feels nice, and failure feels sad –
Of both, you’ll have plenty, the good and the bad.
There’s Community, too – the folks who don’t see you
For mountains you moved, but for just how you be you.
Who you will be is such fun to be scheming.
WHOSE you will be is what gives it all meaning.

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