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Lifespan Religious Education
Fred Rogers shared what his mother told him when scary events happened, “Always look for the helpers. There’s always someone who is trying to help.” This reassurance about the goodness of humanity is a vital message that we all need during crisis moments, such as the recent school shooting. It is important for children to know that they are loved and people are keeping them safe when the world seems to be a scary place. We also have to be cautious to not assume that they have specific fears and put our own anxieties onto them. If we ask and leave the lines of communication open, children will tell us what is on their minds. Our best responses are the ones that help them process events from wherever their focus is at the time. During a previous tragedy, I posted these resources for parents: CLICK HERE. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood has the following resource on talking to children about scary news: CLICK HERE. Please let me know if I can be supportive as the children and adults in your family cope with the all too frequent violence in our society.

Please see the following three (3) announcements:

1) This Sun Feb 25
Alvin Ailey Dance Program for All Ages

LaToya is here again from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and ready to lead a fun, multicultural movement program that will appeal to all.

Meet in Fellowship Hall.

To view the Religious Education Google calendar, CLICK HERE.
To view a spreadsheet version of the RE Calendar, CLICK HERE.

2) Special Friends Signup
We invite you to join us for this pal program that anonymously matches children and adults in the congregation to get to know each other.

After exchanging six letters over ten weeks, you get to meet your pen pal at the Pancake Brunch on May 6. The letter exchange begins on March 4.

Please email me at dlre@cucwp.org to sign up.

3) Metro NY Junior High Youth Con Registration
March 24-25 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY.
This event is for youth in grades 6-8 and a fun opportunity to connect with other UU youth.

For more information please CLICK HERE.

To register please CLICK HERE.

For questions about event programming please contact Denice Tomlinson at denice1uu@yahoo.com
For questions about event registration please contact Charlie Neiss at cneiss@aol.com

Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development

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