RE News: Sun Jan 28

Lifespan Religious Education
During the Family Journey Group on resilience, the children named a difficult situation in their lives. Then they affirmed each other’s feelings and discussed what might help. They came to the conclusion that it would be most helpful to accept the situation, believe in themselves, stay mindfully present to what was needed, and trust that everything would work out. They supported each other in this recognition and felt better about coping with the challenges ahead. As we conclude our month of reflection on resilience, but not the need for it in our lives, may you find the path that the children voiced, when faced with your own difficulties.

Please see the following five (5) announcements:

1) This Sun Jan 28
All grades start in Fellowship Hall for the Variety Show Fundraiser Recipient Vote

Pre-K - Chalice Children
K-1 - Creating Home: Hare's Gifts
2nd-3rd - Passport to Spirituality: China (Taoism-poetry)
4th-5th - Bibleodeon: Joseph 2
6th-7th – Abrahamic Faiths Closing (Judaism Trip on Saturday)
8th-9th – Coming of Age: Social Justice
10th-12th – Youth Group

To view the Religious Education Google calendar, CLICK HERE.
To view a spreadsheet version of the RE Calendar, CLICK HERE.

2) Thank You to...
...Amy Swiss, Liz Suvanto,and Sara Caldwell for their leadership role in the Chili Brunch.
...the 6th-7th grade kids and their families for working so hard to make the brunch a success.
...all the people who donated chili. It was delicious and we had an abundance.

3) Teacher Enrichment Luncheon - Sun Feb 4, 11:45-1:15
"Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive RE Ministry"
An important training for all teachers that includes check-in and topics such as:
  • Can We See the World Through the Child’s Eyes?
  • Strategies to Make RE Less Like School
  • Teaching to Different Ways of Learning and Knowing
  • Creating Moments of Transcendence
Please RSVP to dlre@cucwp.org

4) Children's Choir Signup
Lyra Harada, our Children's Music Director, will be leading a CUUC Children's Choir. There will be rehearsals two Sundays a month from 11:30-12 to prepare to sing at a service in the sanctuary.

First session is Feb 4.

This is a great opportunity to explore spiritual development through music and develop music proficiency.

Please register your children for choir by emailing me at dlre@cucwp.org.

5) Share Your Faith in RE

What is your religious background? Contact me to share your experience and knowledge with our 6th-7th grade Neighboring Faiths class. Your personal connection will help our youth relate to each religion.

Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development

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