From the Minister, Thu Jan 4

Last June, Unitarian Universalists adopted a Statement of Conscience on Income Inequality. (Read it HERE).

Should our congregation endorse this statement? Should we revise it, and then adopt it?

I suspect that we aren't all in perfect agreement about every provision of the Statement of Conscience. I'd love for us to have meaty, meaningful debate.

We will have an opportunity for engaging each others' thoughts on the various questions raised by the Statement of Conscience -- on Sun Jan 14, after the worship service.

Real debate! Democracy in action! What CAN we do to address the growing income inequality in the US? What is ours to do?

We need to know which provisions are the most important ones to debate. Please leave a comment on the post HERE and let us know what deletions, additions, or changes you'd like to suggest.

Plan to attend the Forum/Debate after the service on Sun Jan 14. There we'll have a chance to express pro and con views on amendments on specific provisions of the Statement.

You may find it helpful to review the sermon of Sun Nov 12 on "Income Inequality": START HERE.

Thank you!
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  • Statement of Conscience: Escalating Economic Inequity. Read the statement: HERE. Do you agree with all of it? Or would you amend, delete, or add parts? Please leave a comment HERE.
  • On the Journey: the January issue explores Resilience. Pick up a copy at CUUC, or view it HERE.
Let's Chat

The TCC (Tuesday Coffee Chat) is CANCELED for Tue Jan 9.
Every other Tuesday, I'll be at a coffee shop from 3-5pm -- for anyone who might find that a convenient way to get together with their minister.
  • Jan: The Cafe inside the Barnes and Noble at Vernon Hills Shopping Center, 680 White Plains Rd, Eastchester
  • Feb: The TCC comes to Irvington! Specific location TBA.
Drop by if you can! You can also make an appointment to see me at CUUC, or invite me to visit your home. Call Pam at the church office (914-946-1660) to schedule either.

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Practice of the Week

Take the Resilience Inventory. Do you constantly learn from experience? Have good relationships? Express feelings honestly? Sit in silence? Practice acceptance? Have self-esteem? Practice forgiveness? Have emotional flexibility, Find purpose? Expect things to work out well? Assessing yourself in these areas in these areas will show you where to focus in building your resilience. READ MORE

Your Moment of Zen

First Person Singular. A couplet from FitzGerald's translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (1048-1131): "Some little talk awhile of me and thee, /there seemed -- and then no more of thee and me." A different translation renders Khayyam's Persian as: "Behind the veil there is much talk about us, why /When the veil falls, neither you remain nor I." We do talk about ourselves. I talk about me, I talk about you, you talk about you, you talk about me, we all talk about each other. And yet there is no one there. And yet it would be foolish to try to get through a day without a sense of self and others. And yet that's an illusion. And yet necessary. And yet, and yet. Also, wolverine's are extraordinarily fierce; how is fierceness relevant?

Wolverine came by unannounced one evening in early autumn.
"Hello," said Raven, "I'm Raven."
Wolverine said, "The Roshi is meeting this one for the first time."
Raven said, "Is that so? What happened to the first person singular?"
Wolverine said, "No-self has appeared."
Raven said, "Could've fooled me."
To watch a movie, two pointers
Moviegoers follow effortlessly:
Remember it's an illusion, and
Forget it's an illusion.
Let yourself be taken in, and
Step back out again.
Be in that reality, while
Knowing it isn't real.
To have a self, the same two pointers.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon
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