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Kudos and my gratitude to the wonderful and inspiring work of CUUC's Refugee Resettlement Social Justice Team (SJT). Our congregation is teamed up with five other Westchester congregations (three Jewish, one Methodist, and the Ethical Society) to provide support for an Afghani family (Dad, Mom, and three kids aged 3.5, 5, and 10) granted an SIV (Special Immigrant Visa).

CUUC is "punching way above our weight" -- contributing at a level well above what much larger congregations are providing. Various committees help the refugee family navigate the health, education, grocery, etc. needs in this unfamiliar land. Our Jane Dixon, along with a member of one of the other supporting congregations, are the two co-leads co-ordinating support for the family. Barbara Lowney and Paula Meighan are the co-facilitators of the CUUC Refugee Resettlement SJT. Terri Kung is the lead organizer for ESL tutoring. Al Rocchi is a core volunteer. In all, about 50 CUUCers are offering some kind of support or assistance to this family.

I'm so proud of the amazing and dedicated service of our congregation! Truly, nurturing our spirits and helping to heal the world are not two things that we do, but one single thing that simultaneously nurtures ourselves and helps others. My humble thanks to all the CUUCers who are modelling the UU way of living our faith through their engagement with this project.

Please see the news box in this week's e-Communitarian about our Refugee Resettlement Team (copied below), and be sure to click the link therein to read more detail of this inspiring story!

Humbly Proud,

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  • Refugee Resettlement: The recently arrived Afghani family has been settling into their new life in White Plains with support from volunteers from CUUC and other congregations. (Learn more HERE.) The father has begun an intensive job search. If anyone knows of an available position for this brave and energetic young man, please contact Barbara Lowney (bjgaube@gmail.com) or Paula Meighan (paula.meighan74@gmail.com)
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The TCC takes me to a coffee shop (almost) every Tuesday from 3-5pm -- for anyone who might find that a convenient way to get together with their minister.
  • Jan 30: The Cafe inside the Barnes and Noble at Vernon Hills Shopping Center, 680 White Plains Rd, Eastchester
  • Feb 6, 13, 20, 27: The TCC comes to Irvington! Black Cat Cafe, 45 W. Main St., Irvington.
Drop by if you can! You can also make an appointment to see me at CUUC, or invite me to visit your home. Call Pam at the church office (914-946-1660) to schedule either.

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Practice of the Week
Express Love. Sometimes people worry that being loving will make them vulnerable or drained. But actually, you can see in your own experience that love itself doesn't do this: it protects and nurtures you when you give it. While you're loving, don't you feel uplifted and stronger? That's because love is deep in human nature, literally woven into our DNA. Love is like water: it needs to flow; otherwise, it backs up on itself and gets stagnant and smelly. READ MORE

Your Moment of Zen
The New Discussion Leader. The trees are in charge. Aren't they always in charge? What we forget, they are remembering.

At the end of an evening meeting, Raven announced, "The Assembly Oak will preside tomorrow night."
Woodpecker said, "This I'll have to see."
Next night, Raven appeared at his usual place in the circle. Woodpecker said, "You said the Assembly Oak would preside tonight."
Raven said, "I'm here, but I've forgotten what I was going to say."
Sometimes, before I forget,
I know I'm going to.
I could write myself a note, I suppose.
Let the trees pick up my slack.
Case by Robert Aitken; introduction and verse by Meredith Garmon
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