Now Let Us Sing ... Sunday Morning

 Ministerial Intern, Cindy Davidson

And the survey said... "Too much singing!" "Not enough singing!" It seems one person's like is another's dislike, and vice versa.  I, for one, am of the "Never too much music!" belief and find much inspiration, comfort and solace in singing our hymns -- so much so that I made a spiritual practice of it for quite a while. And, isn't that what we do when we join our voices together in congregational singing on Sunday mornings?!

I invite you to come sing -- as much or as little as you like -- during this Sunday morning's service as we mark the Winter Solstice and welcome the spirit of Christmas writ large. We'll set aside the gaiety of Solstice traditions and the pageantry of the Christmas story to welcome, befriend, and reflect on the gifts and challenges of darkness. Whether our encounters with darkness are "out there" in the world or in the inner recesses of our own beings, the movement from darkness to light entails a certain level of expectation and vulnerability, no matter how natural the process. It does help to be in community.

In a liberal adaptation of the "Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols" Christian Christmas Eve worship style, this Sunday morning's service includes a wide range of readings, reflections, and poetry, a time of contemplation and prayer, and plenty of music and congregational singing. It will be a different experience than -- and a nice complement to -- our candlelight Chrismas Eve service.

Wherever it is and with whomever you worship this weekend, may your travels be safe, and may you know the harmonious blending of voices of a freely gathered, life-affirming community.

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