Music: Sun Dec 10

The popular music of Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region, reflects the cultural melting pot that distinguishes its history. In the Middle Ages, the area saw the peaceful co-existence of the three great Semitic faiths. In later centuries, Andalusia’s gypsy population would develop a musical style which transmogrified the more regular, four-square rhythms of Castilian folk music into a deeply personal, expressively wrought musical genre widely known as Flamenco. In the early twentieth century, the legendary Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca collected examples of this popular musical and poetic tradition, several examples of which are featured in this morning’s music, as performed by master Flamenco cantaor Fernando Barros, who hails from Granada. Read more about Fernando and his brilliant educational initiatives at http://studyflamenco.com/.

CUUC’s Choir is also on hand with radiant expressions of joy from both classical and popular traditions.

Read on for programming details.

Music for All Ages: Fernando Barros Lirola, vocals; Adam Kent, piano
Canciones españolas antiguas
            Los Mozos de Monleón
             En el café de Chinitas
Anda Jaleo, Jaleo
            Traditional Andalusian collected and arranged by Federico Garcia Lorca

Gloria  from Gloria   
                                                Antonio Vivaldi
 You Are the New Day 
John David, arr. by Peter Knight  

                                                Garcia Lorca

La tarara
                                                Garcia Lorca

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