From the Minister, Thu Sep 21

From the Minister

Let's talk. About whatever you like. I'd like to see a lot more of you, just to check in with what's going on in your life. It might help you; it might help me; it might help our congregation or the country or the planet or, who knows, the galaxy. It might be fun.

There's a new way that I'm making myself available. Starting on Tue Sep 26, I'll be at Starbucks (Renaissance Plaza, 200 Main Street, White Plains) from 3-5pm, available for anyone who might find that a convenient way to get together. Drop by if you can!

There are also the long-standing methods: Make an appointment to come by my study. Except when I have other meetings, I can be available all day and into the evenings on Tue-Fri. Call Pam in the Congregation Office (946-1660) to make an appointment.

Or I can come to you. I am in possession of a drivers license, and I'm not afraid to use it! Call me or Pam if you'd like a visit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours in the faith we share,



The sermon and most of the readings from the Aug 27 "Poetry Celebration" service about Lawrence Ferlinghetti are now up in these three parts:
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The sermon on "Forgiveness" (Sep 17) is also now posted, in three parts:
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Practice of the Week

Act! By listening to both inner and outer messages, you can better steer yourself to align with your best self. As spiritual beings, we have a subtle balance to maintain. One part of our task is to take a lot of action, learning from the feedback we receive. The other part of our task is to be as sure as we can that the action we take is inspired from a deep place within ourselves....READ MORE

Your Moment of Zen

Karma. On the one hand, yes, it matters what you do. On the other hand, sometimes weird stuff happens. Actions do have consequences -- but they aren't always predictable, are they? Both the predictable consequences and the unpredictable consequences keep us honest, eh?

Aitken's Case (Zen Master Raven)
One evening Gray Wolf appeared in the Tallspruce circle for the first time.
After she had introduced herself (and acknowledged the covenant to abstain from predating in the circle), she said, "Is it all right to ask a question?"
Raven said, "Not only all right."
"Thank you," said Gray Wolf. "Maybe it's obvious to everyone else, but I don't understand the notion of karma. Could you explain it to me?"
Raven said, "Murder will out."
Gray Wolf said, "Sometimes crimes are never solved."
Raven said, "Help me not to live a lie."
Hotetsu's Verse
Murder, etc. Before it outs,
It ins. And it's sticky. Atoning
Doesn't always succeed. Not atoning
Lives the lie.
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  1. OH I love it Meredith!! The new way of coming together with you to chat,
    and I laughed at the title of your service on Oct 1 YAY DEATH!!!!

  2. Is this an every Tuesday kind of thing??

    1. That's the plan. Every Tuesday. We'll see how it goes. I can adjust the hours if different hours turn out to work better for more people -- or maybe move to a different coffeeshop if another one is more convenient, but, for now, the plan is every Tuesday, 3-5, at the Starbucks at Renaissance Plaza, Main Street. If there are any changes, they'll be announced (or linked) in the e-Communitarian.