Our BLM Resolution

On Sun Apr 17, Community UU adopted this resolution:
WHEREAS, Unitarian Universalists strive for justice, equity and compassion in human relations;

WHEREAS, Unitarian Universalists have a goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;

WHEREAS, allowing injustice to go unchallenged violates our principles;

WHEREAS, the 2015 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association adopted a resolution, called an Action of Immediate Witness that called Unitarian Universalist congregations to action:

  • to become closer to a just world community,
  • to engage in intentional learning spaces to organize for racial justice with recognition of the interconnected nature of racism coupled with systems of oppression that impact people based on class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability and language;
  • to work toward police reform and prison abolition (which seeks to replace the current prison system with a system that is more just and equitable);
  • to take initiative in collaboration with local and national organizations fighting for racial justice against the harsh racist practices to which many black people are exposed.

WHEREAS, all lives matter, and in order to live in a world that better recognizes that, we must attend to where lives are most treated as not mattering;

WHEREAS, the Black Lives Matter movement is the civil rights movement for racial justice in our time;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains supports and is a majority-white ally of the Black Lives Matter movement and its Guiding Principles;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation authorizes expressions of that support, including but not limited to: public statements from Congregation leaders of support and advocacy for Black Lives Matter and its Guiding Principles, and the public display of a “Black Lives Matter” banner to be clearly visible to traffic on Rosedale Avenue.

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  1. An excellent response to the "all lives matter" distration which has been used against BLM. I fully concur.