Sustainable Liberation

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Sustainable Liberation

The task of creating a society in which none are oppressed and all are liberated is demanding and often discouraging work. Keeping ourselves liberated from getting dragged down or burnt out from activism is an essential part of liberating all beings. In the article below, Kelle Walsh describes Alice Walker's approach to sustainable liberation.

Alice Walker's 7 Simple Steps to Being a Love Activist
by Kelle Walsh
From the deck of the “Freedom Flotilla” destined for the Gaza Strip, to standing on the frontlines of healing America’s own violent history, author and activist Alice Walker has been a voice for peace for nearly 40 years. Here, she shares the keys to being a LOVE Activist passionately committed to healing our troubled world through peace and an open heart.

1) Recommit Every Day

When you're on a mission of peace, your commitment to nonviolence is tested daily. So every day, you’re called to recommit to who you are, to keep your heart open and to stand your ground as a peacemaker.

2) Protect What Matters Most

Know what you’re defending: What’s within you that’s worth protecting so you don’t become just like the people who are trying stop you? Guard it dearly and use it as your inspiration for nonviolence.

3) Embrace Your Joy

Peace is not just the cessation of war. It’s also the act of embracing JOY. To have peace is to be fully awake and vibrantly alive! Find the small joys in daily acts of peace.

4) Stand for Truth

When you stand with, and for, the marginalized and abused, bring a kind heart, an open mind and a good conscience. This can only be achieved by acknowledging what has truly happened. The suffering must be seen and the wounded must be embraced.

5) Be Courageous

Women in particular have a key role to play in bringing peace into our homes, communities, spiritual circles and world. So be courageous, even audacious, speak up and share your unique gifts. The world needs your leadership!

6) Spread Forgiveness

When you forgive, others feel it deeply. Alice loves the Tonglen practice of breathing in pain and disaster as far as you can, and breathing out peace, prosperity and joy... spreading these good feelings out into the world.

7) Love the Earth

Nature is a vital life-giving source that we cannot take for granted. Be a conscious steward of the Earth. Treat Her with respect and nature will keep us happy and healthy in return.

What do you need to liberate from within you in order to remain engaged in the wider work of liberation? From Walker’s list, choose the one of the seven that calls to you the most. Once you have your answer, take some time this week to really focus on enacting that step.

For Journaling

Journal every day for a week about how you have tried to enact the step you chose. What did you do? How did it go?

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