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Practice of the Week
Create With/For Others

An earlier "Practice of the Week" was "Choose Your Spiritual Practice" -- which offered a long list of possibilities (SEE HERE). Many of the suggested possibilities were outlets of creativity: needlepoint, quilting, knitting, sculpting, painting, playing a musical instrument, woodworking, poetry writing, making pottery, cooking.

Often the creative impulse is about expressing yourself, but it is also about using yourself for the sake of others. Another way to put this is to say: we create in order to heal and help. Indeed, from a spiritual perspective, creativity is not just about bringing something new and original into the world; it’s also about bringing in beauty, kindness and joy.

This week's exercise asks you to stretch your creativity beyond simple self-expression to connect with others intentionally.

First, create something together with others. Of course, even when we aren't explicitly partnering, it is rare that new ideas arise from our own isolated heads. Never is art without previous inspiration. Hardly ever is there a creator without a companion. To honor this, find a partner and create something together. Grab your kid and build a model car, or convince your artist or writer friends to do a joint project. Invite your neighbor over to help plant and share a garden. Join the creative justice makers in your neighborhood as they try to build a better and more beautiful world.

Second, if there is a movable product of your joint labors, when you a finished, give it away. In other words, join with others in producing and then join with others through giving away the product.

For Journaling

Reflect on the relationship of creativity with generosity and community. How does creating beauty for others -- and giving it away -- deepen one's spirituality?

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