CUC Music: Sun Mar 22

CUC Choir Accompanist Georgianna Pappas treats us to a program of sensitive, introspective music from Johannes Brahms’s late years. She is joined in a special Interlude by CUC member Kim Force for a performance of Bobby McFerrin’s arrangement of the 23rd Psalm, printed as Hymn 1038 in Singing the Journey. Read on for programming details.

Prelude: Georgianna Pappas, piano
Intermezzo, opus 116, no. 4 in E major
Intermezzo, opus 118, no. 2 in A major
                                                Johannes Brahms 

Opening Music:
Intermezzo, opus 119, no. 1 in B minor

Interlude: Kim Force, soprano
The 23rd Psalm                                   
adapted by Bobby McFerrin

Intermezzo, opus 117, no. 1. E flat major  

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