CUC Bird Walk Report: Sun Mar 1

Red-bellied woodpecker
Today's bird reports comes to CUC through the 4th-grade class that accompanied me on a short bird walk to the Parsonage, and then more comfortable birding within the Parsonage where there was an ample fire going. There were 11 of us in total, and many more birds. Armed with bird books, binoculars, and a lot of energy we compiled our species list for the morning. So invigorated by the beauty of these birds so close to home, the 4th-grade class has agreed to put together a bird guide with the birds seen so far on CUC grounds. The group finished the event by watching a music video, "Feed the Birds." 

My heartfelt thanks to the students and the teachers for participating and making us a bird guide!

Below is our bird list for the day: 46 individuals of 17 species!

Interdependently webbed,
-Rev. LoraKim Joyner

Bird List, Sun Mar 1
4 Canada geese
1 Titmouse
4 Mourning doves
4 American robins
3 Black-capped chickadee
3 European starlings
1 White-breasted nuthatch
1 House finch
2 Carolina wrens
2 Northern Cardinal
4 Blue jays
2 Downy woodpecker
1 Hairy woodpecker
1 Red-bellied woodpecker
3 White-throated sparrow
2 Song sparrows
8 Dark-eyed juncos

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