RE September Sundays in the Sanctuary

Children and youth will begin each of the four Sundays in September in the sanctuary. Children’s Worship in Fellowship Hall will begin on the second Sunday in October. Here are the happenings:

9/7 Water Service for All Ages - Our ingathering includes the ritual of sharing water from our summer journeys and the feelings they created. Children and youth will stay in the sanctuary for the entire service and there is opportunity for participation.

9/14 Before the first day of classes begins, the congregation will covenant with the teachers and give a blessing of support. The children and youth will continue the tradition of carrying their class chalices out of the sanctuary as they go to their classrooms.

9/21 Perry will be leading the service that day and there will be a Story for All Ages. Be sure to arrive for the beginning of the service at 10am when the children and youth are invited to gather around the piano for Music for All Ages with Adam. As children experience the fun and wonder of worship in the sanctuary, they build a connection to our community.

9/28 Rev. Meredith and Perry will be conducting a Child Dedication. The children and youth will be present to covenant to care for each child being dedicated. If you would like your child to be dedicated, pleases contact Perry.

Starting in October, children and youth will begin in the sanctuary on the first Sunday of each month and process to their classes after the Story for All Ages. Music for All Ages with Adam will begin promptly at 10am on those Sundays. Unless there is a multigenerational service, children begin in Fellowship Hall for Children’s Worship on all other Sundays of the month.

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