People's Climate March Pics!

66 photos from the Climate March on Sun Sep 21 in Manhattan:

At the North White Plains train station preparing to depart: Mary C, Carole M, Norm H, and Meredith:

Rev. Beth Johnson (in blue), UU minister serving our congregation in Vista, CA, visited with us for the march. That's Mary C (left) and Carole M (right):

Mary and John:

UU ministerial contingent coming from North White Plains: Revs Beth Johnson, Meredith Garmon, and LoraKim Joyner:

The train gang:

Folks from another Westchester congregation: 4th U in Mohegan Lake:

Take me out to the crowd!

In the "faith contingent section" was a Noah's ark:

Many faiths were represented. Muslims . . .

. . . Buddhists . . .

. . . Jews . . .

Ecumenical organizations, such as ROAR:


President of the UUA, Rev. Peter Morales (in yellow stole)

An estimated 1,500 UUs marched. Not all of them were in the yellow "Standing on the Side of Love" shirts -- but many were.

Rev. Meredith

Mario P and Pam C

Two UU ministers, Rev. Allison Palm and Rev. Heather Concannon:

Looking good in yellow!

Former CUC member, Gail B was there, representing her current congregation in Saranac Lake, NY:

UU Minister Rev. Susan Carlson, with her partner, Alan.

Streak of yellow through the crowd -- that would be the UUs!

Rev. Meredith and Jeff T.

Rev. LoraKim and Rev. Meredith in the crowd

Wesley M on the way to the march.

400,000. Holy Cow.

The UU Animal Ministry -- here represented by (from left) Rev Kurt Kuhwald, Pam S, Rev. Beth Johnson, and Rev. LoraKim Joyner.

CUC adults, Al R and Emily E, and some CUC Youth

Paula M -- et al

"Solutions exist" kinda sums it up. The marchers didn't have any specific solution to advocate -- just the urgent sense that climate change is a solvable problem.

Rev Peggy Clarke, who serves our Hastings Congregation, was a huge organizational force in getting Westchester folks to the march

Where's Waldo?

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