Music: Sun Apr 17


Our celebration of Passover, Easter, and Ramadan finds expression in this morning’s solo piano works. The Christian themes of resurrection and pastoral sacrifice reside in the Spiritual “Didn’t He Raise a Poor Lazarus” and in J. S. Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze”; the Islamic Caliphate of Al-Andalus is celebrated in Enrique Granados’s “Oriental”; and the happy “covivencia” of Christians, Jews, and Arabs in Medieval Spain is embodied in Isaac Albeniz’s “Cordoba”, the site of the largest mosque outside of Damascus (disfigured by a Catholic cathedral erected in its interior by Charles V) and the birthplace of the Jewish philosopher Maimonides. Read on for programming details, and stay tuned for spoken introductions.   


Gathering Music: Adam Kent, piano

Didn’t He Raise a Poor Lazarus

                        Traditional Spiritual arr. by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


                        Isaac Albeniz

Offertory: CUUC Choir directed by Lisa N. Meyer and accompanied by Georgianna Pappas

Laudate Domino

                        W. A. Mozart arr. by Earlene Rentz


Oriental, Op. 37, No. 2

                                    Enrique Granados


Sheep May Safely Graze

                                    J. S. Bach, arr. by Egon Petri


Awake, the Voice Commands

                                    J. S. Bach, arr. by Ferruccio Busoni

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