Music: Sun Feb 20


Musical messages from the realm of pachyderms, aves, testudinaes, and asini. Curious? Read on for programming details, and stay tuned for spoken introductions. 


Opening Music: Adam Kent, piano

Jimbo’s Lullaby from Children’s Corner

                                    Claude Debussy


Musical Meditation:
“Pájaro triste” from Impresiones íntimas*

                                    Federico Mompou


“La meneuse de tortues d’or” and “Le petit âne blanc” from Histoires

                                    Jacques Ibert


Little Bird, Op. 43, No. 4

                                    Edvard Grieg


*Catalan composer Federico Mompou relates that as a child he would stroll along the Rambla of Barcelona and marvel at a caged bird whose song consisted of a mere three notes.