Minister's Post, Fri Nov 6

My dear companions on our faith path,

These are our times.

As I write these words, the votes are still being counted. Five states have not been called: AZ, NV, PA, NC, and GA. I'll just say this: I think AZ, NV, and PA will end up going for the Democratic candidate, which will put him at 290 electoral votes. As I write the odds are actually looking better than 50-50 that the Democratic candidate will also pull out GA.

Of course, surprises could happen. The shape of the work before us, however, is beginning to form. We're a very divided country, and it will not be easy to heal from this -- and healing will not happen soon.

The primary tasks of life are, and always will be, two: work on our own stuff (our reactivity, ego-defenses, various self-comforting, self-protecting, and self-medicating strategies), and act in compassion for others.

We are Unitarian Universalists. Together we will continue life's two-fold task in the new social, economic, and political landscapes in which we find ourselves.


Practice of the Week

This week in our series of practices that might or might not be your thing: Martial Arts. See: HERE
These "Might Be Your Thing" practices aren’t for everyone – but might be just the thing for you. These will be activities that you might be doing anyway, but maybe not as a spiritual practice – or one of them might be an activity you’d like to take up.

Any activity can be a spiritual practice if you:
  1. establish a foundation of spiritual orientation through the three core daily practices: read spiritual texts, journal (which might take the form of Morning Pages, or incorporate an Idea Journal), and quiet-still time;
  2. engage the activity with mindfulness;
  3. engage in the activity with intention of cultivating spiritual development;
  4. occasionally engage the activity with a group that gathers expressly to do the activity in a way that cultivates spirituality, with group members sharing spiritual reflections before, during, or after doing the activity together.

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