5th-7th Grade Religious Education: October 2, 2020

Religious Education & Faith Development
Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains
October 2, 2020
2020-2021 Religious Education (RE) theme: JUSTICE & EQUITY
Supporting our young people in understanding justice issues, articulating their values, and engaging in faith in action with CUUC Social Justice teams. Fall 2020 Resources:
Bystander Intervention Training
Thursday, October 15th

FREE! The Westchester Co. Human Rights Commission is hosting another online bystander intervention training. It’s excellent for youth. We encourage your whole family to attend together.

The training is led by Hollaback! and covers their 5Ds approach. Everyone gets to identify their anti-hate superpower! To register, click HERE

Support Resources

Last Sunday, Rev. Meredith's introduced the RAIN technique for managing stress: Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture.
  • Recognize what is happening
  • Allow the experience to be there, just as it is
  • Investigate with interest and care
  • Nurture with self-compassion  
It's a wonderful mindfulness technique for our children and youth to learn. You can read Rev. Meredith's sermon HERE. Or, listen to his sermon HERE - part 1 begins at 18:36 and part 2 begins at 51:35. Tara Brach offers several related resources HERE.
Find all of the support resources we have been sharing HERE

5th - 7th Grade Community

At-Home Resources from Last Sunday's Class

Last Sunday, Karen Leahy joined Denice Tomlinson and Alex Sehdeva to talk about our UU values related to voice and participation. Our 5th UU Principle lifts up the democratic process in decision-making. Karen shared information about the UU the Vote campaign and talked about what CUUC has been doing to support the efforts.

The class talked about various types of decision-making: authority, majority, and consensus. Denice taught the "fist to 5" method of gauging consensus - click here and here to read about it and try it out at home!  Also, this Taking-it-Home resource offers ways you can continue the conversation at home.


Class Meets this Sunday!

Sunday, October 4th, 11:45am-12:30/12:45pm  
Zoom 8428 Breakout Room | Zoom Mtg ID 817 388 428 + Passcode: 468468


Last Sunday, the class also decided to engage in their first action: sending postcards to inspire friends and family to vote. The youth are submitting their own designs and this Sunday, the class will choose one or some to print and send.

YOUTH: submit your postcard designs HERE before Sunday.

Click HERE for the fall schedule

Adult Community

Adult RE & Groups

Support for Conversations about Justice & Equity
Sunday, Oct 11, 1:30pm in Rm 7899
This is the second of three fall sessions to support parents, grandparents, RE leaders and any adults who are having conversations about justice & equity with children and youth. We will discuss our own learning and journeys, and share approaches for shaping conversations with young people. This Sunday, we will highlight one of our fall 2020 justice topics, Hunger/Food Insecurity & Homelessness. Leaders: Tracy Breneman (cuucwptracy@gmail.com) & Nicole Turygin.

The CUUC Journey Groups are a way to deepen our understanding of life and strengthen our connections to one another by exploring monthly themes together. The Family Journey Group, led by Alex Sehdeva and Irene Cox, meets monthly on 2nd Fridays. Click HERE to see all groups and select the one that works best for you. For the September issue of On the Journey: "Journeying & Wandering," click HERE.

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