Enjoying Our Homemade Chalices!

The chalice is the emblem of our Unitarian Universalist faith. You can read about the history of the UU chalice on the UUA website HERE. You might like to make a chalice for use at home as we worship and gather online, and as you hold your faith close. You can always use a simple candle.

Chalices come in many shapes, click here. If you are on FaceBook, you have likely seen #ChaliceOfTheDay from Andrea Lerner highlighting chalices found all around us.

You can view our March 15, 2020 virtual coffee hour chalice making activity - click here.  March 15th was our first online worship service (given how the pandemic has advanced, we are no longer offering to make craft packets to send home).  You'll hear the voice of our sabbatical minister, Rev. Kimberley Debus, in the room and our side of the conversation with those participating online.  Thank you, Kim Force, for making this video available!

We offer these suggestions and resources for those who would like to make a chalice:
  • Here's a sweet video from children of the UU Church of Fort Meyers with an At Home Chalice Challenge.
  • Thanks to Peter Bowden we have this online resource and adorable video of his daughter making a paper chalice.
  • You likely have items around your house you can use to make and decorate a chalice: candle, cup, empty Altoids tin, magazines, glue, felt, markers, stickers, tissue paper, paint, double-sided tape, ribbons, plastic cup, small paper plate and paper bowl, little flower pot & saucer, colored paper, wooden skewers, big pine cone, plastic Easter egg.  These might be in your recycling bin: pasta sauce jar, canned veg tin, contact solution bottle, and more!
  • Here's a link one of my colleagues share with me for turning an orange into a candle! Click here

These are pictures of chalices you made:

Duncan, 4th grade

Lois Holt

Pam Parker

Tracy Breneman
(I made these
a while back and I
still use them at home)

Coming Soon: Pictures of the Chalices We Made During the Activity Last Sunday & Your Pictures!

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