This Week in Religious Education: January 1-8, 2020

Hello CUUC Families, Community and Visitors,

I send my wishes for a safe and blessed start to the new year.  May 2020 bring you joy, health, opportunities for personal growth and meaningful connection with others.

Worship begins at 10:00am.  Childcare is available every Sunday with Diane and Hans.

Join us for whole congregation worship this Sunday. Rev. Kimberley's service is about a singing revolution. The tools of resistance are many and varied, but none is so beautiful as many voices raised in song. We will hear stories of musical resistance and learn some new songs to inspire our work to love the hell out of this world.

Orders of service with images and activities will be on hand for anyone of any age.  A quiet activity area and materials are available in the sanctuary for those who appreciate coloring or something to occupy your hands while experiencing the words, music and rituals of our faith.

This Weekend – RE classes and youth group do not meet.

Sunday, January 12th – The RE Council meets at 8:15am in room 41.  10:00am Classes and Youth Group:

  • K-1st Grade Our Whole Lives with David Bowen and Tom Ryan;
  • 2nd-5th Grade Children's Worship with Amy Nathan and Tracy Breneman;
  • 6th-7th Grade Class with Mohammed Loutfy and Nicole Turygin;
  • 8th-9th Grade Class with Christine Haran and Erin Foster;
  • 10th-12th Grade Youth Group meets at 10:00am with Cyndi and Daniel Tillman then continues at 11:45am for youth-led worship planning with Tracy & Rev. Kimberley. 

Friday, January 17th – Faith Friday Programming.  Click here for the January 2020 On the Journey packet about Authority.

Sunday, January 19th  – RE Classes; No Youth Group.

Sunday, January 26th  – RE Classes & Youth Group meet, then join us for Chili Community Lunch and an opportunity to share feedback with the RE Council.

Ahead of Sundays when classes and youth group meet, each class and group receives their own individualized weekly newsletter. If you would like to receive one or more RE newsletters in your e-mail, sign up here.

I look forward to seeing you!
in fellowship, Tracy

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