Journey Group Sign-Up Time!

Journey Groups for 2019-20

Everybody sign up! Click HERE and select the Journey Group you'd like to be in.

Three Journey Groups are available on 3rd Sundays, after service (or after community meal, if there is one):
  • Room 43: Facilitated by Rev. Deb Morra
  • Room 31: Facilitated by Gary Freiberger
  • Room 22: Facilitated by Rhonda and Steve Miller
Other Journey Groups include:
  • 2nd Thursdays, 7:30pm, Parsonage, Facilitated by Debbie Manetta and Kevin McGahren-Clemens
  • 2nd Fridays, 11:00am, Parsonage, Facilitated by Rev. Meredith Garmon or Rev. Kimberly Debus
  • 3rd Thursdays, 7:30pm, Tarrytown, Facilitated by Mary Van Hoomissen
  • 3rd Fridays, 7:00pm, CUUC, room 24, Facilitated by Alex Sehdeva
  • 4th Thursdays, 10:00am, Scarsdale, Facilitated by Terri Kung
  • 3rd Sundays, 5:00pm, White Plains, Facilitated by Karen Leahy


Q: What's a Journey Group?
A: In a nutshell, these are groups of 5-15 people meeting monthly to explore the CUUC theme of the month, using the related issue of our magazine, "On the Journey." Find the current and all past issues HERE. For details on how our Journey Groups work, see HERE. To grasp the value and importance of Journey Groups, take a look HERE. For an explanation of Theme-Based ministry, of which our Journey Groups are a part, see HERE.

Q: I'm already in a group. Do I sign up again?
A: Yes, please. Every September, it's time to sign up again. Click HERE and select the group you're in, just to confirm for us that you're staying in the same group.

Q: Can I switch groups?
A: Sure. Just click HERE and select a different group.

Q: Is the September issue of "On the Journey" out?
A: Yes. It addresses the theme, "Covenant." The Sep "On the Journey" is HERE.

Q: What if my schedule won't allow me to attend very many of the monthly gatherings of any one group?
A: Please go ahead and register for that group which you expect to attend most often. If you have a variable monthly schedule, you may need to attend one group on some months, but another group on other months. That's perfectly OK! All groups allow for drop-ins -- just let the facilitator know that you're coming.

Q: Most months I probably won't attend any group at all.
A: Sorry to hear that! If you would, though, please register yourself for the group you're most likely to attend -- even if you'll only be going once or twice during the year.

Q: The group I was in last year isn't listed.
A: Please select another one.

Q: Is it too late to start a new journey group?
A: Nope. New groups should form before the end of September, though, for the 2019-20 year. Each group will need to have a facilitator. Contact Rev. Meredith Garmon if you're interested.

Q: What are the themes for 2019-20?
A: Here's the line-up:
Sep: Covenant
Oct: Awe
Nov: Compassion
Dec: Grace
Jan: Authority
Feb: God
Mar: Redemption
Apr: Eco-Spirituality
May: Joy
Jun: Vision

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