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Jun 7 - 13:  e-Communitarian   ☙   Minister   ☙   RE   ☙   Music   ☙   Adult RE   ☙   Practice: Once-a-Month Retreat Days (Worth a try/Occasional)


Music: Sun Jun 9

Scenes of Childhood through the eyes of the German composer Robert Schumann and the Brazilian Octavio Pinto are featured in Sunday morning's Centering Music. Another Brazilian composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos, furnishes the Offertory music, in the form of his piano suite A prole do bebe (Baby's Family). The collection is meant to depict different sorts of dolls children might play with, each representing a distinct ethnic group as part of the country's diverse cultural heritage. "O Polichinelo" is a portrait of the rambunctious "Punch n' Judy" dolls from the Commedia dell'arte tradition.

Centering Music: Adam Kent, piano

From Kinderszenen, Op. 15
          Happy Enough
          Important Event
          Knight of the Hobby-horse
                    Robert Schumann

Scenas Infantis
          Run, Run!
          March, Little Soldier!
          Sleepy Time
          The Hobby-horse
                    Octavio Pinto

"When the Kids Go Marching In"

Special Music: R.E. Students directed by Lyra Harada
"It's a Small World"
          Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman, words and music

From A prole do bebe (Baby's Family)
          "O Polichinelo"
                    Heitor Villa-Lobos

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