From the Minister, Thu Mar 15

I'm so impressed and proud of the work of our SJTs (Social Justice Teams)!

Our Women's Issues SJT supported the Planned Parenthood Day of Action in Albany on Tue Mar 13. Anne H, John C, Mary C, and Deb M were in Albany lobbying our representatives on behalf of reproductive justice.

Our Environment SJT has been working on making our congregation a recognized "Green Sanctuary" -- including congregational involvement in local efforts on behalf of environmental sustainability. They are helping CUUC focus on food scrap recycling, and are organizing a tour of the Ulster County facility for that -- it's on Apr 4. The hard work of Janet B, Charlie M, Joe M, and the rest of the team has been awesome!

Our Economic Inequality SJT has brought us a proposal for CUUC to take a position on that issue. Details are necessary -- since merely "we're in favor of equality" doesn't say much -- and details we have. Working from the Statement of Conscience adopted at the last national UU General Assembly, this SJT has held forums on Jan 14, Feb 4, and Mar 11 to consider the proposal and suggest amendments. The product of these labors is HERE. A special congregational meeting has now been called for Apr 29 for the congregation to vote on whether to adopt this proposal. Pat L, Jim W, Randy M, and Jeff T have provided commitment and energy to make this happen. Excellent work!

Our LGBTQ SJT has been at work renewing CUUC's "Welcoming Congregation" status. Our Refugee Resettlement SJT has put out an amazing effort (see my column HERE). The Hungry and Homeless SJT works tirelessly all year, and is especially visible in their efforts during the Nov-Dec holidays. The Animal Advocacy SJT is behind revisions to CUUC's response to mice in our vicinity -- and encouraging that the fare at our congregational brunches involve less cruelty. The Racial Justice SJT continues to raise consciousness and shift culture.

In so many, many ways we are simply, impressively, carrying out our mission to "engage in service to transform ourselves and our world." We are living our Unitarian Universalist values and acting in love to make our world better, kinder, more sustainable. It's inspiring -- and humbling.

In love,

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  • A Special Congregational Meeting has been called for Sun Apr 29. On the agenda is a Proposal that CUUC take a position on Escalating Economic Inequity. See the proposal HERE.
  • You may suggest changes to the proposal, but for your suggestion to be considered on Apr 29, it must be submitted by Apr 8. To submit a change -- or simply comment -- add a Comment to the post HERE.
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