Music: Sun Jan 22

Music intended to evoke associations with evolution is featured this Sunday at CUUC. The Prelude and Offertory include works by Beethoven and Mozart rich in variation technique, in which a simple musical idea is developed through a series of permutations and elaborations. Unitarian composer Edvard Grieg’s Bell Ringing is a surprisingly modern sounding experiment in growing resonance out of chiming open fifths. Debussy’s Prelude La puerta del vino alludes to one of the entryways into the famed Alhambra palace complex in Granada, Spain. The piece develops increasingly complex patterns and layers of sonority over an habitual Habanera rhythm in the bass. Read on for programming details.

Prelude: Adam Kent, piano
Bagatelle in E-flat Major, Op. 33, No. 1
Sonata No. 12 in A-flat Major, Op. 26
I.               Andante con variazioni
Ludwig van Beethoven

Opening Music:
Bell Ringing, Op. 54, No. 6
                                    Edvard Grieg

Rondo in D Major, K. 485
                                    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

La puerta del vino
                                                Claude Debussy

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