Music: Sun Jan 15

Martin Luther King Sunday is commemorated with music associated with African-American musical traditions. At CUUC. The Choir is at hand with a setting of a traditional Spiritual, as well as Amy Bernon’s inspirational “I Am the River. Music connected to African-descended cultures in arrangements for solo piano by the British-born Samuel Coleridge-Taylor are featured during the Prelude. May Aufderheide was perhaps the leading female composer of rags, and her “Dusty” Rag is the morning’s Offertory. Read on for programming details.
Twenty-Four Negro Melodies, Op. 59           
            9. The Angels Changed My Name (American Spiritual)
            3. Take Nabandji (South East African)
            8. The Bamboula (West Indian)
                                    arranged by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
I Am The River  
Amy F. Bernon

                                                May Aufderheide
Keep Your Lamps    
American Spiritual, arr. by Victor C. Johnson

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